BROCKTON – The Cape Cod Cafe recently joined nine other pizzerias from across the northeastern United States to be inducted into the Pizza Hall of Fame.“It’s quite an honor,” said Jeremy Jamoulis, who owns the restaurant with his brother, Jonathan. “We are very proud of it.” The Pizza Hall of Fame was established by Pizza Marketing Quarterly, a trade publication for the pizza industry, in 2005 to showcase the legendary pizzerias and pizzaioli who have helped build America’s pizza culture. Although Jamoulis said that he didn’t even know that the Pizza Hall of Fame existed prior to their induction, the restaurant is proud of the national recognition. “Hopefully, there will be a pizza Mount Rushmore one day and we will be on it,” Jamoulis said.

I got to be honest. Just like the owners of Cape Cod Pizza I didn’t know there was a pizza hall of fame either. And I’m not sure I’m gonna recognize this one as legit. I mean it’s only been around since 2005? And who votes? I know I don’t have a vote. Seems like if the #1 pizza guy in the Northeast doesn’t have a vote it can’t be taken that seriously. Anyway in honor of Cape Cod Pizza being inducted into the unofficial Pizza Hall of Fame here is my review. Was it a HOF pizza? I don’t know. That grease on top screams better luck next year if you ask me. But what do I know? I’m just a humble pizza savant.