Q. why are you called cape cod café if you are not on the cape

A. back in the 30’s we were located on rt 28 and there was no route 495 so people would have to drive through Brockton to get to the cape. Many Brockton businesses back then had the word “cape” in their name but unfortunately, very few remain.

Q. your satellite locations are different than the original. Why?

A. this is our biggest challenge with having multiple locations and we do everything possible to make sure every location is the same. All dough, sauce, cheese, veggies, and other items are made by the same person for all locations daily. They are then distributed everyday to all locations to ensure consistency. We cannot however recreate an atmosphere and for many people, a different atmosphere can change the way things taste to them. Consistency is of our utmost importance, so if we are not meeting your expectations, please let us know.

Q. are there allergens in your pizzas?

A. wheat and dairy are only allergens in a standard cheese pizza. Of course, cross contamination can occur so please alert us to any food allergies.

Q. do you ship frozen pizzas?

A. yes! Through goldbelly.com

Q. the frozen pizzas do not taste the same as the fresh ones. Why?

A. of course they don’t, they are frozen! Our frozen pizzas are made the same way as our fresh ones. The only difference is, we freeze them.

Q. my frozen pizza does not cook right according to directions. Why?

A. unfortunately ovens and cooking times vary along with people’s personal preference to how they like their pizza. Our instructions are based off validated cooking times and temps using various ovens and grills under USDA guidelines. Send us and email and we would be happy to help you cook the best frozen pizza you have ever had.

Q. is it true your Brockton location is haunted?

A. we can neither confirm nor deny. many have experienced odd things and over a hundred years ago the Brockton location was a funeral home. People have seen apparitions, things have moved, fallen, and broken. We can confirm that the “crying baby” story is false though.

Q. what is the difference between gluten free and gluten friendly?

A. we have gluten free dough however it is not prepared in a gluten free environment. Cross contamination can occur. Due to insurance reasons, we call our product gluten “friendly”. Our gluten friendly dough is rice based and it does contain eggs. Please alert us to any allergies at time of your order

Q. is your feta cheese pasteurized?

A. yes

Q. do you deliver?

A. we do not deliver however, we are available on grub hub, door dash and uber eats.