In the late 70’s, Jim and Lynne Jamoulis took control and made the Cape Cod Café what most know it as today. They added additional items to the menu like sandwiches, soups, and one of the best Greek salads you will ever have!

Today, Papa’s grandsons, Jonathan and Jeremy have added their own menu items, such as specialty burgers, appetizers, and even a gluten free crust. In 2011, they expanded into frozen pizzas that are available in a supermarket near you.

They continue to carry on the tradition of hard work and never cutting corners, ensuring the pizzas eaten today are the same as Papa made over 80 years ago. These beliefs and practices are what set us apart.

The Jamoulis family and all our team members (some over 30 years!) are very proud and thankful. We are honored that so many people proclaim us to be “the best bar pizza on the South Shore” and we agree.

Experience Cape Cod Café, The Original Bar Pizza!