Not sure where to grab a bite to eat? With lots of options around the Taunton area, it can be difficult to choose.

If you’re having a hard time, we’re here to help you narrow it down.

We’ve compiled a list of meal deals, special events, and mouth-watering offerings at local eateries and markets to consider when planning your next night on the town, or a quick stop for a tasty treat.

This week, you can now make your own Cape Cod Cafe pizza! Plus, Society Coffee Bar opens a second location, Talisa’s On Main is kicking off a pop-up chef series, there are lunch boxes at Italian Gem Café, and Home Plate is hosting a Bruins watch party.

Let’s dig in:

Make your own Cape Cod Cafe pizza at home

Ever wished you could make your own Cape Cod Cafe pizza? Well, your wish has come true!

Now available at all Cape Cod Cafe locations, is everything you need to make your very own CCC pizza at home. They’ve got the dough, the sauce, cheese, and even the pizza pans.

The Raynham location is at 995 Broadway.

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